SoSS #4- 20/07/2019

I've been out of the Lair this week, you may have noticed. I've been doing some writing for "vanilla" journals and anthologies, hoping to make a sale or two of some short stories. I've got no idea whether they'll get picked up, and I'm simultaneously proud of what I've written and plagued by self-doubt! Time … Continue reading SoSS #4- 20/07/2019


SoSS #3- 13/07/2019

Though I started out the week on top of my reading, I suddenly noticed that there weren't many people posting towards the end of the week. Summer holidays? A come-down after Every Damn Day in June, perhaps? No. Somehow and for some reason, my notifications had switched themselves off! Well, I think - I hope … Continue reading SoSS #3- 13/07/2019

EDDiJ- Observations from 13 days in….

When it comes to writing, be it for business or for pleasure, I have a tendancy toward verbal diarrhoea. Though I may be more like the silent type in face-to-face conversations, when behind a keyboard I am someone who, while she may not have kissed the Blarney Stone, certainly gave it rather a heavy massage … Continue reading EDDiJ- Observations from 13 days in….