Pulp Fiction- A Very Belated Review

Recently, when taking part in one of those round-robin Twitter memes designed to get tweeters chatting, I happened to mention as one of three interesting things about me the fact that I had never seen the film Pulp Fiction. Cue the gasps of horror and disbelief (well, the reactions weren't quite that extreme, perhaps, but … Continue reading Pulp Fiction- A Very Belated Review


Twist and Shout- Nipple Suckers

As you may have guessed from a few of my blogposts, I'm rather a fan of nipple play. Because you can never have enough toys, I recently purchased these DOMINIX nipple suckers: They are really simple to use; simply fit over the nipple then twist the dial on the top. It draws the nipple up … Continue reading Twist and Shout- Nipple Suckers