Oh My Crazy Baby

Please be advised that this post discusses self-harm in some detail and may contain triggers. If you feel this subject matter may be upsetting to you, please be kind to your mind, and avoid reading. If you or someone you care about are struggling with harming behaviour, visit Mind UK- Self Harm information 🌹🌹🌹 I … Continue reading Oh My Crazy Baby


Sweat (Erotica)

Sweat beaded on her tender flesh, made raw and pink under his harsh ministrations. It dripped down her shoulders, snaking damp lines down her back, and pooled in the crevice between the flushed, stinging cheeks of her bottom, imprinted as they were with red welts from the hard black crop he'd wielded with such brutish … Continue reading Sweat (Erotica)

Harm (Trigger Warning)

The constriction, this suffocation; The choking, the struggle to inhale. Clawing fingers of fear and pain, Tearing at the chest, the throat, the solar plexus. The affliction, this consuming terror from causes unknown; Tremulous and weak, holding back the flood. Denying, refusing, Unaccepting. The contradiction, this bloodletting; That which wounds while it comforts, That scars … Continue reading Harm (Trigger Warning)