Idle Thought

Kept awake long hours by idle thought. There seems to be no rest for a mind that is fraught. Sleep comes and goes, and never lasts for long, And yet, to my knowledge, nothing is wrong. That doesn't stop my brain, though, from thinking the worst, Reliving past failures, and believing I'm cursed. Countless 2am … Continue reading Idle Thought


Anatomy of a Brief Reunion (as told through haiku)

kisses hot and slow, desperate tongues intertwine. I've missed this so much. 🐞 fingers in my hair, whispered words breathed in my ear: "been thinking of you." 🐞 start to unbutton. shed clothing and pretences. tonight is for us. 🐞 lay me on the bed. let your tongue trace my body. you're so good, my … Continue reading Anatomy of a Brief Reunion (as told through haiku)

A Wimbledon Summer Dream

Strawberry dream, Succulent, sweet and sticky. The sensation of seeds against my tongue. 🍓 Luscious, delicious, Full, fat, flavoursome. A heady rush to the senses. 🍓 Cream on my lips, Sugary, smooth, supple The milky kiss of summer seasons. 🍓 Strawberries and cream, Like a Wimbledon Summer dream, That sweeps and soars behind somnolent eyes. … Continue reading A Wimbledon Summer Dream