Kiss Me, Kink Me

It started with a kiss, as the classic pop song said, The words of 'Hot Chocolate' still linger in my head. A simple fleeting moment that turned into something more, And like a tidal wave you crashed upon my shore. Demure to begin with, tentative and shy But as the months passed you suggest we … Continue reading Kiss Me, Kink Me



"Don't reveal the secret self, The urges lurking inside. There are norms, and rules and expectations, Your kinks are something to hide." There comes a time you cannot deny The passions that stoke your fires, But look behind the curtain, my dear, You'll find others who share your desiresโ€ฆ.

Digital Dominator

Slide into my psyche with your sweet, sugared words. Tell me what you want, through teasing talk and tempting tales. Make me ache, and pulse, and throb, and moan, as you torture me with the images you plant in my mind. Images of heaving breasts, of glistening cocks and trembling thighs. Images of writhing bodies, … Continue reading Digital Dominator