Good Fortune- Friday Flash#57

I shivered slightly as he crawled down my naked body and nestled himself between my thighs. I could feel his warm breath against my pussy as he murmured, "Did I ever tell you that I'm a fortune teller?" "No," I sighed, as he licked a long stripe from my ass to my clit. "Well, I … Continue reading Good Fortune- Friday Flash#57


Birthday Fantasy Surprise (Friday Flash No. 55)

"Happy birthday," he said, opening his bathrobe. "Here's your first present." From his groin emerged an erection, a shiny ribbon wound around it like bandages on an Egyptian mummy. Against his pubic hair nestled an elaborate bow, which glinted in the light as he stepped towards the bed, wiggling his hips. "Ready to unwind me?" … Continue reading Birthday Fantasy Surprise (Friday Flash No. 55)