Friday is Boobday – 14.06.19

Pinch my nipples and tell me I've been a bad, bad girl... If you're a regular reader of "Jupiter's Lair", then you already know how much I'm into nipple stimulation. So what better day than Friday to give the nips a bit of a working over? It is Boobday, after all. 😉 Want to see … Continue reading Friday is Boobday – 14.06.19

Fun with Filters (Lingerie is for Everyone)

My continuing journey into the world of lingerie saw some more new arrivals this week. If you saw my "Dirty Picture" story post ( ), then you've already seen one, and here is the other. I didn’t want to just post yet another standard and uneventful pic of me in my underwear, however, so … Continue reading Fun with Filters (Lingerie is for Everyone)

A Sinful Sunday Question

Flying solo but really fancying some kinky play, I attempted to quell the urge by setting up a few fun toys for a photo-shoot. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't quite enough to leave me 'quelled' though, and certain, erm, events transpired, which have left me pondering a deep philosophical question of supreme importance ever since. Namely, ... … Continue reading A Sinful Sunday Question

Basking in my new basque….

There's a new addition to the crew on my sexy underwear odyssey. Please welcome the "Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-up Basque Set". While it doesn't quite fit the prompt of 'comfort', it does make me feel glamorous, and that in turn makes me feel another tad more comfortable in my own skin. And that is a … Continue reading Basking in my new basque….