SoSS #4- 20/07/2019

I've been out of the Lair this week, you may have noticed. I've been doing some writing for "vanilla" journals and anthologies, hoping to make a sale or two of some short stories. I've got no idea whether they'll get picked up, and I'm simultaneously proud of what I've written and plagued by self-doubt! Time … Continue reading SoSS #4- 20/07/2019


SoSS #3- 13/07/2019

Though I started out the week on top of my reading, I suddenly noticed that there weren't many people posting towards the end of the week. Summer holidays? A come-down after Every Damn Day in June, perhaps? No. Somehow and for some reason, my notifications had switched themselves off! Well, I think - I hope … Continue reading SoSS #3- 13/07/2019

Reach – Daily Doodle from

Check out this evocative piece by PMu The beauty of any art is that it speaks to each of us in different and unique ways. To me, "Reach" spoke of the isolation and despair of a depressive episode, the hiding away from the world, broken and bleeding. Yet at the same time, reaching out, … Continue reading Reach – Daily Doodle from