My Love

My love, I've missed you everyday we've been apart. Thought about you through elasticated minutes, and never-ending hours. Craving your touch, your kiss, your cock. Your skin beneath my trembling hands, your fingers in my mouth, your body entwined with my own. 💕 My love, I miss your eyes when you're away. The way you … Continue reading My Love


Anatomy of a Brief Reunion (as told through haiku)

kisses hot and slow, desperate tongues intertwine. I've missed this so much. 🐞 fingers in my hair, whispered words breathed in my ear: "been thinking of you." 🐞 start to unbutton. shed clothing and pretences. tonight is for us. 🐞 lay me on the bed. let your tongue trace my body. you're so good, my … Continue reading Anatomy of a Brief Reunion (as told through haiku)

Another Hot August Night

The woman lies naked on her bed, the cool air from the pedestal fan brushing over her body as she strokes her nipples langorously. The dream had been so vivid, so sensual, and she has woken up in the early hours with a heavy throbbing between her legs. The heat and humidity has made her … Continue reading Another Hot August Night

EDDiJ- Observations from 13 days in….

When it comes to writing, be it for business or for pleasure, I have a tendancy toward verbal diarrhoea. Though I may be more like the silent type in face-to-face conversations, when behind a keyboard I am someone who, while she may not have kissed the Blarney Stone, certainly gave it rather a heavy massage … Continue reading EDDiJ- Observations from 13 days in….