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Secret places hidden, now revealed Smooth, supple skin and inner softness. Open, sweet, your succulent fruit Slow and steady, seduce my senses.


"Don't reveal the secret self, The urges lurking inside. There are norms, and rules and expectations, Your kinks are something to hide." There comes a time you cannot deny The passions that stoke your fires, But look behind the curtain, my dear, You'll find others who share your desires….

Ode to a Vibrator

A call back to a little poem about a vibrator…

Jupiter's Lair

Doxy, oh Doxy,

You make me feel foxy!

No matter the time of the day or night,

You’re always available to put me right,

With thundering vibes and precision placement,

You do amazing things to my ‘lady basement’.

Doxy, oh Doxy, thank heaven for you,

I’m just so in love with the things that you do.

And when I’m all spent from masturbatory pastimes

I can stash you away in my drawer ’til the next time.

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